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Astra Agro: Ready to Get Dialogue with PepsiCo and Friesland Campina about Sustainability

Presiden Director Astra Agro, Santosa on Talk to The CEO in Semarang
Astra Agro: Ready to Get Dialogue with PepsiCo and Friesland Campina about Sustainability

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – For PepsiCo and FrieslandCampina took their suppliers not to use palm oil from PT Astra Agro Lestari TBk., PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk responded it by taking the two companies to get dialogue and business while maintaining the nature together. Not only taking care of the nature, protecting the earth, the palm oil company also invited the two companies to directly see the business implementation which Astra Agro has been operating in respecting human rights.

“We do not want to debate about our commitment in sustainability principles. It is better for the two companies to directly see our real action which many take advantages,” President Director of Astra Agro, Santosa said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Friday (17/3/2023).

It is said that the American milk and food producer and Netherland milk producer urged their suppliers to stop purchasing palm oil from Astra Agro. The reason is that Astra Agro did damage environment, violate human rights.

PepsiCo and FrieslandCampina themselves are not direct buyers from Astra Agro and never did contact or communicate or clarify the accusations.

Santosa thought, such accusations have no base at all. If the accusations were about the publication by Friends of Earth (FoE) and EcoNusantara (ENS), Astra Agro delivered clarification to other stakeholders about what FoE and ENS accused. Astra Agro also openly published its clarification at ​​​​​https://www.astra-agro.co.id/pernyataan/

To be objective, Santosa continued, Astra Agro would take other independent parties/institutions to get more comprehensive field review to reveal the real latest condition to what FoE accused. The third independent institutions were suggested by other stakeholders.

“We would deliver the reports of field review for other stakeholders to get clear what has been going on,” Santoso said.

He also mentioned, in operating the business, Astra Agro would always obey every legal regulation, listen to what original people told for they live side by side with the company. (T1)