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Bali Soap: From Souvenir to Exports – RSPO and Environmental Products

Niki Nofri explains sustainable palm products
Bali Soap: From Souvenir to Exports – RSPO and Environmental Products

InfoSAWIT, BALI – As one soap and skin care producer, and sold the products in Amazon (market place), Bali Soap now opens showroom at Ruko Tuban Plaza, Bali.

Operating at the company, PT Bali Soap has been commercially operating for 18 years. Since 2005, PT Bali Soap has been producing soap products, souvenirs, and focuses to sell everything in Pulau Dewata, Bali Province.

"We develop business by producing other body care products, such as, bathing salt, massage oil, lotion, shampoo, liquid soap, and others,” Product Development Coordinator PT Bali Soap, Savitri Anggarati said to InfoSAWIT, Friday (17/3/2023) in Bali.

Now Bali Soap penetrates to retailers, online, and offline. It now reaches export by getting e-commerce selling in USA Amazon website.

Bali Soap sells its products to many hotels in Bali, such as, bar soaps in many varieties. They use certified sustainable palm oil, as one of the materials. Its consumption reached 30 – 50 tons per year in average. “Our skin care products have been officially registered at National Agency of Drug and Food Control and getting halal certificate,” Savitri said.

It is planned, PT. Bali Soap would expand its brand by getting online and offline selling by prioritizing the mainstay of Bali Soap, as business brand that produced sustainable palm oil products within Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certificate.

"We want to educate consumers about the meaning, impact, and advantages of using sustainable palm oil and show our collaboration with other producers through RSPO as the bridge,” she said.

Savitri continued that the company would also socialize sustainable products which are environmental both from the upstream to downstream sectors. “We hope that the consumers could understand the good values of the initiative,” Savitri said. (T1)