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To Know Oleo-chemical in Palm Oil – base

To Know Oleo-chemical in Palm Oil – base

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - One derivative product of crude palm oil is oleo-chemical. It is used a lot to produce soaps, detergents, personal cares, cosmetics, and lubricants. Oleo-chemical is more environmental than petrochemical in crude oil – base.

It is a product that refers to chemical materials from natural fat and oil both derived from vegetable oil and fat. Active carbon is often applied to refine, bleach, or deodorize the smell of fat. It is the derivative product of palm oil.

Oleo-chemical is biodegradable, has low toxicity and considered to be more environmental. Oleo-chemical is more natural, green, organic, renewable, and degradable naturally, as scientists and consumer think.

Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) mentioned that in the past decade, oleo-chemical industries escalate fast because of the increasing demands on more environmental products in the globe. This happens for its interesting character of oleo-chemical which is, renewable, not toxic, and naturally degradable.

It means oleo-chemical is the alternative which is greener than petrochemical that derives from fossil fuel which may go to an end or not renewable. The material used to produce oleo-chemical is palm oil, palm kernel oil, and coconut oil.

The main materials of oleo which are produced in Southeast Asia are fatty acid, glycerin, methyl, ester, fatty alcohol. In traditional, oleo-chemical is applied to produce surfactants, personal cares, soaps, detergents, and food addiction.

But many new applications from oleo-chemical come up, such as, bio-lubricants, bio-polymers, and bio-surfactants as the substitution of crude oil products which create interesting business opportunity.

According to Wikipedia, oleo-chemical products derive when crude oil got more expensive in 1970s. This urged producers substitute petrochemical to oleo-chemical because vegetable oil laurate which was produced from palm kernel oil was cheaper and also environmental. Ever since, palm kernel oil is mostly applied to produce detergents, personal care products, such as, tooth paste, soaps, bathing cream, and shampoos. (T2)

Source: InfoSAWIT, January 2023