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When Palm Oil Diplomacy Was Discussed in Coffee Shop

When Palm Oil Diplomacy Was Discussed in Coffee Shop

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Many things done to explain palm oil sectors to foreigners. A cup of coffee and a plate of fried rice could become the cheap but elegant ways of diplomacy.

Clair Luke from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of United States of America and Michiko Miyamoto as Country Head International Labor Organization (ILO) Indonesia, discussed about palm oil on their travel when stopped in coffee shop. In serious discussion, they discussed about palm oil labors in Indonesia.

“It is important and challenging to take foreigners directly and see the field condition. Talking directly with the labors would need courage and openness. But this is the effective way to deliver understanding and change negative perspective to be neutral or even positive thought,” Field Chairman in Labor, Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), Sumarjono Saragih said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (28/2/2023).

Saragih also mentioned, after the visit, they witness the changes and improvement, appreciated many initiatives which have been running since 2017. By the facts, Ministry of Foreign Affairs USA could improve, support, and encourage palm oil sectors (in Indonesia).

“The collaboration among IPOA, labors’ unions, and ILO (with the fund supports from USA Ministry of Foreign Affairs), is worth continued and even expanded. Everything is about to realize sustainable palm oil in Indonesia by improving the better and fair labor practices,” Saragih said.

The question remains, why does America care about palm oil labors? Because the country needs palm oil. Their imports increased over years. This is the good chance when European Union does discrimination on palm oil. America has its aims to get enough palm oil supply. “And choose to support palm oil, not to attack. Hopefully.  Mauliate, Gran-pa Biden,” Saragih said. (T2)