Palm Oil Labors: Eliminate Remuneration Cut at PT MAR

Palm Oil Labors: Eliminate Remuneration Cut at PT MAR

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Serikat Buruh Kebun Kalimantan Barat (SKB-KB) and labors that work at PT MAR protested the management of PT Mitra Aneka Rezeki (PT MAR) in Estate Air Sungai Deras, Sub district of Kubu, District of Kubu Raya, West Kalimantan Province. They protested PT MAR because until 31 January 2023, the management of the company did not decide what the labors wanted.

Chairman of SBK-KB, Dionisius Lili Sadili said, the labors delivered their protests to the management twice. The first one was on 3 January 2023 and the second was on 6 January 2023. The two were mediated by Assistant 1 Regional Secretariat of Kubu Raya.

In the first mediation, there were three points of agreement. The first was, PT MAR would review the regulation in the company based on available regulation about remuneration at least until 31 January 2023; the second mediation was, the company proposed to change the regulation at the company to Labor and Transmigration Agency Kubu Raya. During the review and/or the changing regulation of the company, the labors did work or did not demonstrate but worked as usual.

But until 31 January 2023, the management of the company did not deliver one thing for sure to what the labors protested. “We thought PT MAR do not have commitment to implement the agreement which came to a conclusion in the second mediation. That is why we protested the company to fulfill our claim,” Dionisius Lili said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

He and his fellows wanted that the company eliminated proportion system or salary cut with low BJR scheme, and the remuneration based on old year – plantations.

“We want that the company re-applies P1 policy about urgent permit to 3 day – maximal, and the company should not consider to be absent. PT MAR should not make us difficult to get illness permit. It should not be only from plantation clinic but can be from the clinic that the labors chose where they were cured. PT MAR should hire freelancers as permanent workers,” Dionsius said. (T2)