Out of Oxygen, Three Workers of CPO Ship Are Dead when Taking Samples

Out of Oxygen, Three Workers of CPO Ship Are Dead when Taking Samples

InfoSAWIT, BALIKPAPAN – Three workers in crude palm oil (CPO) ship transportation are dead when taking samples in ship hold of MT Nurhasanah V in di Balikpapan. There is no official information how they came to an end because being investigated by the authority.

As quoted from Tribun Kaltara, the three workers were out of gas when being in the hold ship and might breath sulfide hydrogen in the hold. They were workers at CPO ship transportation at MT Nurhasanah V and declared dead on Sunday (22/1/2023).

The ship took five crews and unloaded palm oil in Kampung Baru, Balikpapan. It might be at about 4 p.m..

Head of Search and Rescue Operational, East Kalimantan, Basri told that 3 of five crews were waiting in the upstairs of the ship while the other two got into the hold to get palm oil sample. “It is assumed that one breath sulfide hydrogent in a narrow room. Then his partner reacted to help him,” Basri said.

Unfortunately, he continued, his friend did not wear self-protection tool and became victim. The victims were lifted up by crane from the 7 meter – deep of the upper deck of the ship.

The victims were Arif, Langkole, and Lauzi. They were evacuated in only 15 minutes. At 9 p.m. every victim was evacuated without having or using self-protection tools. (T2)