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Important to Manage Communication in Palm Oil Plantations

Important to Manage Communication in Palm Oil Plantations

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Palm oil industries in Indonesia have to manage communication well. It is about to inform the vision and mission of a company to every related stakeholder to avert misinformation.

Does it need communication information in a palm oil plantation company? The question could be relatively answered y the stakeholders in palm oil industries. The answer may be yes or no or even both. It depends on the situation and condition of a company.

Some said, “In this situation, the company gets profits. What is the need to make department or division dealing with specific communication? It can be done by other department. It would spend more.” These may be simple answers when being asked about the communication division for some companies.

On the other hand, some companies may think that communication is one important aspect. If it is not managed well, the company may get big loss. The worse is that, it could make the company go to bankrupt. “In the open information, the consumers determine a product. The perception in the consumers’ mind would be determined by information they get. So, willing or not, the company should follow the change by managing the information and communicate it well.” These may be the thoughts for some companies thinking that communication is necessary.

What do you think with the condition? Do you agree that communication division should be made in the company? Or are you in the second opinion? Or do you think, sometimes it needs to be made or not (situational)?

Palm oil industries are dynamic. The good dynamic both in and out of the company always attach to the business. It could be said, it possibly happens that the industries have kinds of internal issues and other negative and massive issues, such as, the tendencious advertisements having palm oil within anti-palm oil, such as, “free palm oil”

The policy in producer countries using derivative palm oil products, such as, European Union, starts t limit the import by saying, palm oil is one commodity that makes environmental issue, the welfare of the people, and others. It is purely to protect their commodity, such as, vegetable oil from sunflower.

The negative issues could be to your company. For some interests, the issues are intentionally made to press or make your company’s image and reputation bad by telling to the stakeholders that your company is the factor of environmental damages, social disparity, and others. The issues are massively told to be public discussion and become the negative ones to the people and other stakeholders. If the issues are not seriously stopped, there would be ‘negative labels’ and the people might be influenced to leave your products.

Of course, every stakeholder should fight for the issues. They have to show that the accusations were not true for there are no strong evidences. The accusations were intentionally created within certain motives both from the competitors and other sides who have interests. Let us say in the global perspective, palm oil products are in bad conditions because of the negative images proposed by the west.

Cees Van Riel and Charles Fombrun in their book Essenstial Corporate Communication, corporate communication could mean as series of activity in the management and regulation of every internal and external communication to create the profitable starting point with those who have interests, and place where the corporate depends on.

Based on the above meaning, Corporate Communication should play its role about how the organization (corporate/company) communicates with the employees, press, customers, the people, government or non - government institution to maintain or enliven the values of the company. Corporate communication is everything to manage the perception and to ensure the right and effective time to tell the information, positive image of company, the good relation with the interests of the stakeholders.

Knowing the condition of nowadays palm oil sector, the stakeholders need positive images and reputation to improve and win the competition. In the information era and competitiveness that have easy access to the information and media, corporate communication plays important role to develop the positive images and reputation. So the corporate communication is a significant access to the sustainability of a company.

The communication by corporate communication is not for the outsiders only but also to the internal company to develop and create the conducive and effective culture of work so that the vision and mission of the company could be realized well.

Corporate communication has a very sensitive function, that is, to maintain the satisfaction of the stakeholders, including the shareholders, and the government. It is responsible to prevent and solve the crisis that could make the company slowly or fast go to bankrupt. So it needs the approach to the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) to the policy of communication could be running as same as the goal of the company. (*)

By: Ahmad Rizalmi/Communication Practitioner