Musdhalifah Machmud: Willing to be a Doctor, but Becomes Deputy in Coordinator Ministry

Musdhalifah Machmud: Willing to be a Doctor, but Becomes Deputy in Coordinator Ministry

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - When she was a little girl, Musdhalifah never thought to be an official in a ministry in Indonesia. The woman who was born in Ujung Pandang, South Sulawesi wanted to be a doctor. This is a general idea for the children at the time.

But what happened is beyond expectation. After growing up, she went to Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) in 1987, took undergraduate level majoring Forest Management. Finally, this led her to be bureaucrat that focuses to commodity development in Indonesia.

After being a Deputy in Food and Agribusiness Coordination in Coordinator Ministry in Economy in 2020, the woman who likes reading, hoped that foods in Indonesia would be available, in economic price, and having quality.

She believed, if agribusiness sectors go forward and develop, they would be positive to welfare many people and contribute to sustainable economic progress. “In fact, 20 years ago, I never imagined to be here,” Musdhalifah recently said to InfoSAWIT

But what she achieved faced many challenges. Musdhalifah told, everything has its own challenge. The most important thing is how to get solution. It depends on the character of the challenge.

Just like encouraging palm oil industrial development in Indonesia, there are challenges in many aspects both in negative campaigns, regulation, and encouraging to implement the better governance.

For having many things to do with other stakeholders, she hoped, palm oil as the source of economy for the people can be developing and competing highly within sustainable cultivation to be useful in economy, social, and environment.

It is not easy to deal with palm oil industries that male is dominant. It needs hard work and strong support. Luckily, Musdhalifah got strong support from her family to be able to work well, and complete every challenge. “Highly commitment, hard work, cooperate with others well, develop network, do understand the work condition and situation are the keys,” Musdhalifah said. (T2)

Source: InfoSAWIT, April 2022