KPPU: Hearing with GIMNI in the Assumption of Palm Cooking Oil Trade

KPPU: Hearing with GIMNI in the Assumption of Palm Cooking Oil Trade

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Komisi Pengawas Persaingan Usaha (KPPU) examined Executive Director of Gabungan Industri Minyak Nabati Indonesia (GIMNI), Sahat M. Sinaga, as the witness from the defendant in continuing council at the case number 15/KPPU-I/2022 about the Violation Assumption to Chapter 5 and Chapter 19 alphabet c Laws Number 5 / 1999 in Packaged Palm Oil Trade in Indonesia, on 20 January 2023 at the office of KPPU, Jakarta.

GIMNI is the organization of vegetable oil industries in Indonesia. It was established on 12 December 2006. It is official and the members are dealing with refinery industries that cover vegetable oil process, such as, refineries and fractionation, kernel crushing plant (KCP), and copra crushing plant (CCP).

Sahat Sinaga as in the official statement told, the government involves and invited GIMNI in a coordination meeting to stabilize palm cooking price, namely heading to religious day. “But when it was time to determine and decide the highest retail price and price cut off, GIMNI was not invited in the meeting,” Sinaga said, as in the official statement to KPPU as what InfoSAWIT got, Friday (20/1/2023)

As a witness, Sinaga also emphasized, in many meetings with Ministry of Trade, GIMNI always told that KPPU should be involved in the meeting that discussed about palm oil industries. In the court, the witness told that KPPU needs supports, not being taken as enemy to be going forward. (T2)