Old Irons and Palm Oil Plantations: The Primadona for Auctioners

Old Irons and Palm Oil Plantations: The Primadona for Auctioners

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – General Director of Country’s Assets Ministry of Finance, Joko Prihanto said, old irons were primadona auctions in 2022. When the old irons were taken, someone offered to buy it fast, such as, ships, factories’ products, and others.

Besides old irons, the other auction that many offered, was palm oil though it was very expensive enough.

General Directorate of Country’s Assets got, the 2022 auction reached Rp 35,23 trillion. It means, Non-Tax Revenue from the auction reached Rp 850 billion.

Joko also mentioned, it was the highest auction as long as it happened in Indonesia for 115 years. The numbers were dominated by Auction at Chapter 6 Undang-Undang Hak Tanggungan (UUHT) 29,34% that reached Rp 9 trillion.

The other auctions that highly contributed were Bankruptcy Property Auction reaching Rp 2 trillion, Voluntary Auction reaching Rp 13 trillion, BMN/D (besides Customs) reaching Rp 0,8 trillion, Confiscated Goods Auction in Attorney reaching Rp 0,6 trillion, and Trial Execution Auction reaching Rp 0,4 trillion.

The auctions also contributed to the revenue that reached Rp 1,5 trillion, the taxes to the central government that reached Rp 266 billion, and regional taxes that reached Rp 93 billion.

"In 115 year – auction in Indonesia, the highest numbers happened in 2021 - 2022 because it reached Rp 35 trillion from the extraordinary auction,” Joko said in a discussion with General Directorate of Country’s Asset, Friday (20/1/2023). (T2)