Shape Palm Oil Planter Generations in Sustainable Insight

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Shape Palm Oil Planter Generations in Sustainable Insight

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - To realize commitment of sustainability palm oil plantation development should pass Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) scheme. That is why the next generations of palm oil sector should get much information about sustainable practices to develop and realize palm oil plantations in environmentally and socially worthy,

In 2009, the Government of Indonesian Republic started to confirm that every palm oil stakeholder should fulfill the standards regulated in ISPO.

ISPO is one business system in palm oil plantation to confirm that the business process is economically, socially, and environmentally worthy based on the available regulations in Indonesia. The writer once experienced that plantation practices before paradigm era were not in socially and environmentally worthy.

Natural and human resources for palm oil business interests just delivered profits for the capital owners, ignored social, human, worker, and indigenous people aspects.

It is now realized that natural resource exploitation practices for profits only and ignorance of sustainable issue, would be negative for the environment and the social themselves.

Based on The Constitution Chapter 33 paragraph 4 – the amendment mentioned, the national economy is organized based on economic democracy with the principles of togetherness, fair efficiency, sustainability, environmental awareness, independence, and by maintaining a balance of progress and national economic unity.

In general, the goals of ISPO are to escalate the care that how important to sustainably produce palm oil, escalate palm oil competency from Indonesia in the world trade, support the commitment of Indonesia to conserve environmental and natural resources.

The regulations about ISPO were Regulations of Minister of Agriculture (RMA) which were substituted, such as, RMA Number 19/RMA/OT.140/3/2011, RMA Number 11/RMA/OT.140/3/2015.

The latest was President’s Regulation Number 44 / 2020 about ISPO Certification System which is technically regulated by RMA Number 38 / 2020.

For the regulations are mandatory for palm oil plantation business, there would be sanctions...(*)

By: Chairman of Chairman of Legal Committee of Indonesian Planters Society (IPS),Jaya Selwan M.M.,M.H.

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