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The Advantages if Independent Smallholders Establish Cooperation and Get Partnership

The Advantages if Independent Smallholders Establish Cooperation and Get Partnership

InfoSAWIT, PALEMBANG Until now fresh fruit bunch (FFB) price gets better though for the independent smallholders, the price is not the same with what local FFB price team decided in the field because there are discounts from the middlemen or RAM.

Analyst of PSP Ahli Madya South Sumatera Plantation Agency, Rudi Arpian keeps urging the independent smallholders though their FFB is not as good as the plasma smallholders’ price to immediately establish cooperation to get partnership with the local mills.

Rudi said, there would be many advantages if the independent smallholders join cooperation or koperasi unit desa (KUD). At least, there are five things to get, the first, they would have one institution in the name of cooperation or KUD.

The second, their FFB selling would be coordinated by the institution which is in partnership with mills and there would be certain numbers based on what FFB price team of South Sumatera Province.

The third, they would understand more about standard technical cultivation, get development how to nurse palm oil trees and harvest in the right and good ways.

The fourth, they would be easier to get access to conduct smallholders replanting program with the fund support about Rp 30 million per hectare within maximally 4 hectares per ID. And the fifth, there would be guarantee to implement sustainable palm oil business.

“By the five advantages, the future of independent smallholders joining cooperation or KUD would have guarantee and get the facility from the government heading to ‘Sumsel Maju untuk Semua’,” Rudi said through Whatsapp that InfoSAWIT recently got. (T2)