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Prefer Getting Palm Oil Seed Business to Working at Company

Prefer Getting Palm Oil Seed Business to Working at Company

InfoSAWIT, PANGKALAN BALAI – Though he is still 26 years old, Eko Nurrohmad is not lazy one. His good work at palm oil, pulp and paper companies did not make him lulled but chose to resign and become entrepreneur.

Together with Saefudin (36), his friend as palm oil businessman, Eko develops his business to process palm oil seeds.

Eko thought, he actually wanted to produce new renewable energy in palm oil – base. But to realize his idea, he has to start from palm oil seeds to process. His will to produce new renewable energy is from his curiosity to the company where he worked at that processed trees to be pulp and paper.

He finally focuses to make a machine that processes palm oil seeds to be crude palm oil (CPO) within higher free fatty acid. Together with Saefudin, Eko is now able to make mini mill within 700 kilograms of palm oil seed – capacity per day.

“One complete mill would spend more than Rp 300 million,” Eko said to InfoSAWIT, Monday (19/2022).

The mini mill is now in Kelurahan Talang Keramat, Sub district of Talang Kelapa, District of Banyuasin. After it operates for 4 months, Eko and his team successfully lifted up the independent smallholders’ economy in his area.

“If the independent smallholders sold their fresh fruit bunch (FFB) about Rp 1.100/Kg, for instance, we dare buy theirs at about Rp 1.800 to Rp 2.000/Kg,” Eko told.

Realizing that he needs team and good financial helps, Eko finally made partnership and allowed the smallholders to have the mini mill within sharing system.

Now he and his team got two mini mills – one is in Kelurahan Air Batu, Sub district of Talang Kelapa, District of Banyuasin and the other is in Sub district of Keluang, District of Musi Banyuasin (Muba).

The financial was transparently revealed to his partners when constructing the mini mills. Now Eko gets the new challenges, which is, how to produce 100 tons of CPO within higher free fatty acid and how to sell their production. (T5)

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