DSNG: Committed to Implement Sustainable Practices through Many Programs

DSNG: Committed to Implement Sustainable Practices through Many Programs

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – As part of sustainability, PT Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk (DSNG) keeps implementing sustainable practices, such as, emission reduction, fossil source use reduction, and advantaging waste as the source of renewable energy.

Everything is about environment and to deliver positive impacts to the operational of the company in the form of operational cost reduction, and maintain the loyal of workers and customers.

Since 2021, DSNG has become the pioneer to advantage POME (liquid waste) of palm oil to be power plant and Bio-CNG that produces 1.2 MW power plant and 280 m3/hour Bio-CNG. The output can substitute the diesel consumption up to 1,87 million liter in every year. This certainly minimizes the production cost. Until now DSNG is developing the second Bio-CNG plant by hoping that the commissioning would be realized in the late of this year.

DSNG also advantages palm oil shell – the solid waste of palm oil and sold it as biomass for independent powerplant producers in Japan for 15 years by shipping the first export about 10.500 tons in June 2022. The waste that has been certified by RSPO and ISPO is used and the company could sell as certified biomass.

DSNG also notices the mechanism and technology implementation to develop plantation management in the company. This based on the significant roles of technology in the future palm oil industries. Many initiations to advantage technology keep running in the nursery, fertilization, and accelerating the harvest process but by getting the good harvests.

On 31 August 2022, DSNG got the award as one best company in 2022 in the company category within medium capitalization in primary consumer goods that Majalah Investor did.

The awards were got by 73 companies from 11 stock sectors at Bursa Efek Indonesia, that hit positive financial work when the challenges are ahead because of Covid-19 pandemic and the worry about the continuous slow progress economy. The award encouraged the company to work more maximally to deliver the best for the customers. (T2)