European Union Due Diligence Policy Could be Positive for the Smallholders

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European Union Due Diligence Policy Could be Positive for the Smallholders

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – European Union Parliament (13/9/2022) voted to publish the regulation about product and commodity which have something to do with deforestation on 13 September (Read:

It means, European Union community does care that they do not contribute to forest damage and human rights violation that would happen in any place in this world. The new regulation would be available not only in European Union but also in the countries that supply the products to European Union.

About the vote, Serikat Petani Kelapa Sawit (SPKS) thought, the regulation could be the big chance for millions of smallholders in Indonesia to get profits from European Union by providing palm oil products without deforestation but can be traced namely produced by every smallholder hat join SPKS.

SPKS also supports the leadership in European Union Parliament and people to be responsible on deforestation and forest degradation that were caused by commodity both imported and produced in the continent.

General Secretary of SPKS Mansuetus Darto told, to take advantage from the moment and the profits in the regulation, the smallholders in Indonesia should get full support from the European Union Government and Parliament, the Government of Indonesia, the companies and buyers to fulfill every term and condition, such as, having the traceability and no deforestation practice (as the condition).

“For example, the smallholders in SPKS could now develop data of traceability within by name, by address, by spatial. This is the same with what Ministry of Agriculture is doing to get smallholders’ data by getting Cultivation Documents. The members of SPKS in Kalimantan are implementing the approach of high carbon stock,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

Mansuetus Darto hoped, the latest regulation published by European union would confirm long term – living source of the smallholders in Indonesia by delivering incentive for them. “To make sure that the smallholders are the fair partners in European Union, SPKS hoped, the companies that import palm oil products should guarantee and commit to implement that 30% of palm oil supply chain should derive from the smallholders,” he said. (T2)