Sampoerna Agro: Palm Oil Production Would Increase 6%

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Sampoerna Agro: Palm Oil Production Would Increase 6%

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – For having the good climate and enough rain, PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk (SGRO) is optimist that palm oil production would be increasing this year.

“Though in the early days of this year, the weather was not good enough, but in the second semester this year, we believe that our palm oil production and harvest would be much better in this full year. They could be increasing 4% to 6% compared to last year,” CEO Sampoerna Agro, Budi Setiawan Halim said in a public expose live, Friday (16/9/2022),

He also said, the company does it best to escalate the on-going sustainable competition, such as, escalating the financial and operational work.

The business prospect of the company would be good. It may happen for the tree profiles are in productive age and plantation intensification which keeps running for the next few years.

Besides, the increasing production from the main plantations and the harvest proportion which gets more equal also make the management of the company more optimist to get the better work for Sampoerna Agro.

"Being supported by the good weather, the plantation profile, the sustainable efforts of the company to optimize the production by realizing intensification, we hope, palm oil production would be increasing in the next few months until its peak harvest around September or October 2022," Budi told. (T2)