Riau Legislators Did Comparative Study about SRP in North Sumatera

Riau Legislators Did Comparative Study about SRP in North Sumatera

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN – To get a description about smallholders replanting program in North Sumatera province, some time ago, the members of Commission II in Economy Riau Legislators did visit the office of Plantation Agency North Sumatera Province at Jalan Asrama Haji.

It was led by H Syafruddin Iput as the Chairman of Commission II Riau Legislators and Head of North Sumatera Plantation Agency, Lies Handayani Siregar did welcome them in person. In the meeting, boru Siregar told, SRP in North Sumatera is one way of the government to guarantee sustainable palm oil development in the province.

She thought, SRP would help the smallholders to escalate their plantation productity, competition, income, and welfare.

“SRP plays its roles to recover the economy nationally which could hire many workers in Covid-19 pandemic,” boru Siregar told as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Friday (16/9/2022).

She continued, SRP which has been running since 2017 got technical recommendation from General Directorate of Plantation Ministry of Agriculture that laid about ten thousand hectares, covered about 184 groups, cooperation in 15 districts where palm oil grows in North Sumatera.

“In 2022 General Directorate of Plantation targeted SRP target in North Sumatera would be about 10.500 hectares,” she said.

According to the Regulation of Minister of Agriculture Number 3 / 2022 about Human Resource Development, Research and Development, Replanting, and Infrastructures to Guarantee Sustainable Palm Oil Development there are some criteria to get SRP.

“Such as, the trees should be more than 25 years old, the plantation productivity is less than 10 tons of FFB per hectare per year at the age of 7 years or the plantations were planted by fake seeds,” boru Siregar told. (T5)

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