The Smallholders Denied to Damage Forest to Develop Palm Oil Plantations

The Smallholders Denied to Damage Forest to Develop Palm Oil Plantations

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – General Secretary of Serikat Petani Kelapa Sawit (SPKS), Mansuetus Darto said, about palm oil plantations in the forest regions, this happens for palm oil plantations in forest regions. For all these years, the smallholders are always accused to damage or cut off forests to develop palm oil.

It needs to notice that according to data arranged by Auriga and Strengthening Palm Oil Sustainability (SPOS) Indonesia, independent smallholders had 1,9 million hectares and 0,7 million hectares may be overlapping with forest regions. These smallholders are categorized as planters having less than 25 hectares.

According to data published by the government, smallholders’ palm oil plantations laid about 6,7 million hectares. Referring to data published by Auriga and SPOS Indonesia, plasma and independent smallholders had about 3 million hectares. It means, 3,7 million hectares need clearer category.

This, of course, makes loss for the smallholders having plantations less than 25 hectares who are always accused to cut off the forest and the loss for the country from the taxes. “It is clear, by having actual and right data, there will be no one hiding behind the words ‘people’s plantations’” he said when delivering speech in Diskusi Awal Pertemuan Nasional SPKS Tahun 202 with the theme “Strategi mengimplementasikan Roadmap Petani Mandiri Menuju Sertifikasi ISPO”, in Bogor by the late of November 2021 that InfoSAWIT attended.

SPKS took Corruption Eradication Commission (CEC) to reinforce PFMA, and the policies which regulate PFMA so that independent smallholders may get better services.

“This is part of prevention method not to make smallholders get loss. This may also be part of Gerakan Nasional Penyelamatan Sumber Daya Alam (GNPSDA) which was established or other institutions which focus to SRP fund management, institution, and the legal. That is why if this is new issue, it can be joined into GNPSDA, and needs reinforcement,” he said. (T2)

Source: InfoSAWIT, January 2022