With Delegation of French, Airlangga Hartarto: Indonesia Implements Sustainable Palm Oil Plantations

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With Delegation of French, Airlangga Hartarto: Indonesia Implements Sustainable Palm Oil Plantations

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In a meeting with Foreign Commission Delegation, Defence, and Army of French Republic, Coordinator Minister in Economy Indonesian Republic, Airlangga Hartarto said, one concern from Indonesia was about palm oil exports to French.

Airlangga thought, palm oil is one mainstay commodity from Indonesia that prioritizes sustainability aspect through Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certificate.

“To get palm oil market access from Indonesia to Europe, to maintain and should be increased in the future,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (13/09).

Both countries had significant bilateral trade trend. In 2021, the trade increased 0,25% or about US$ 2,28 billion compared to the previous year (US$ 2,27 billion). The main export commodities from Indonesia to French were machine and electric tools, footsteps and the like, and palm oil and its derivative products. French is the fifth important trade partner of Indonesia in Europe.

French had significant investment in Indonesia in the past five years. In 2021 the investment reached US$ 145,76 million in 709 project or increased more than 4 (four) times compared to the previous year that reached US$ 25,11 million in 1.079 projects.

French itself is the strategic partners of Indonesia since 2011 and launched Indo-Pacific Strategy. In his closing statement, Senator Temal stated its preparedness to help the main army system for Indonesia in the forms of fighter and submarine.

The country is prepared to cooperate with technology transfer and provide employment in Indonesia. knowing this, Indonesia hoped that French would deliver offset facility to buy main army system and open the chance to cooperate in ship patrol procurement to maintain security in South China Sea.

In the meeting, Airlangga was with Secretary of Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Deputy of Food and Agribusiness Coordination, Assistant Deputy for European, African, and Middle East Economic Cooperation, and Assistant Deputy for American and Pacific Economic Cooperation. While Senator Temal was with Senator Cédric Perrin, Senator Jacques Le Nay, Senator Joël Guerriau, Senator André Gattolin, Senator Hugues Saury, and the Ambassador of French for Indonesia. (T2)