Smallholders in South Sumatera Would Develop Mini (Palm Oil) Mill

Smallholders in South Sumatera Would Develop Mini (Palm Oil) Mill

InfoSAWIT SUMATERA, PALEMBANG – The smallholders in Koperasi Unit Desa (KUD) Sumber Rejeki in Village of Air Bening, Sub district of Rawas Ilir, District of Musi Rawas Utara (Muratara), South Sumatera Province have will to develop mini palm oil mill.

Chairman of KUD Sumber Rejeki, Surianto said, when attending the meeting of Forum Petani Sawit Berkelanjutan Indonesia (Fortasbi) in Yogyakarta on 1 September 2022, Special Staf of Ministry of Cooperation, Small and Medium Business (UMB), Riza Damanik reminded the smallholders that every smallholders’ cooperation should play the better role or take independent smallholders by having technology innovation that would deliver higher values.

“Damanik said, you should not sell fresh fruit bunch only. There should be new breakthrough. One he proposed is to develop mini mill that could produce red palm oil and its derivative,” Surianto said to InfoSAWIT, Monday (12/9/2022).

Surianto and his cooperation have more spirit to develop mini mill when the members of Fortasbi in Central Kalimantan would also be developing mini mill. He is optimist, the plan could be realized next year particularly when knowing that the smallholders’ plantations in KUD Sumber Rezeki laid about more than 3.000 hectares. “Days before, if we realized our plantations in KUD, we could produce 10 tons per hour of FFB,” he said.

If other smallholders around their plantations and FFB production are added, the numbers could be twice much more than they have now. The cooperation is formulating the proposal to develop mini mill that would be proposed to some competent institutions.

“The proposal is being arranged by Pulung Kalbuari, the agriculture counselor from Plantation Agency District of Musi Banyuasin (Muba), the neighborhood district of Muratara,” Surianto said. (T5)

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