FFB from SRP Program Cannot be Sold to the Factory (Mill), The Smallholders Sold to Middlemen

FFB from SRP Program Cannot be Sold to the Factory (Mill), The Smallholders Sold to Middlemen

InfoSAWIT, PONTIANAK – Some smallholders in West Kalimantan Province joined smallholders replanting program (SRP). But after they harvested some fresh fruit bunch (FFB), the mills did not buy it.

A smallholder in Village of North Amboyo, Sub district of Ngabang, District of Landak, Sugianto said, their FFB gets much cheaper and they had to sell it to the middlemen.

SRP is very good, he thought, for the smallholders whose their plantations were not productive anymore. The program helps us to substitute our old plantations to be new ones with more promising production. But the smallholders also need certainty to sell our FFB to the mills within the decent price based on what the government regulated and decided.

The FFB production, he continued, is high enough. The quality is good too. Once harvest, the smallholders in his group mostly get 1 – 2,5 tons per plot or about two hectares per month. The numbers, Sugianto thought, are enough good for the new productive plantations.

But they have to sell it to the middlemen because from the mills, the smallholders got cheaper. “The middle put on a price for the good quality about Rp 1300 – Rp 1500 per kg. But if our FFB is not too good, it would be Rp 900 per kg,” Sugianto said, as quoted from Pontianak post.

“But we support SRP for there are many plantations need the program. The government should re-think the continuity of the program,” he said.

Chairman of Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Indonesia (Apkasindo) West Kalimantan Province, Indra Rastandi did not deny it. He thought, the group or cooperation which implemented SRP got the harvest result but the issue is that many mills could not buy it. “When the smallholders transport it to the mills, it was returned and the smallholders eventually sold it to the middlemen at Rp 800 per kg,” he said. (T2)