Book Review Sawit Untuk Negeri: To get Balance Position about Palm Oil

Book Review Sawit Untuk Negeri: To get Balance Position about Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, BOGOR – Palm oil plays strategic roles because it massively impacts, has long influence for Indonesia. it has to be managed by strategic management principles.

This is what deceased Prof. DR. AB Susanto focused, the Professor in strategic management in “Kampus Bela Negara” UPN   Veteran Jakarta. With Petrus Gunarso, a forester who has had deeper knowledge about natural resource conservation and management, they wrote and arranged the book.

The two are not palm oil experts. With the experience and enriched by discussion with palm oil experts, it is hoped, there would be different perspective to position palm oil in more balance position and the positive sides in palm oil for Indonesia will not get down in the negative information which deliver losses for Indonesia. at the first, the book’s title was Sawit untuk Diplomasi Ekonomi.

As in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Friday (9/9/2022), before he passed away to The Almighty, the book’s title was substituted to be Sawit untuk Negeri. A title that describes Manajemen Bela Negara as Prof. DR. AB Susanto asked for.

“Started by being apprehensive, Indonesia as the biggest palm oil producer in the world, but why are not the people united to see (palm oil) as a blessing? What happened is that many challenges, obstacles, disruption and disorder from in and out of the country to our important commodity we are producing, using, and taking for advantages in our daily lives?” Petrus Gunarso said in Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB).

The book discusses palm oil industries objectively and wisely, that is why it needs knowledge not only about palm oil industrial management but also about the first history since it was introduced in Indonesia and the advantages. There are some reaction of the international community about palm oil as a strategy to rule the markets.

It is also typed about positive values, challenges to face in palm oil development. “There are many things. The uniqueness and the depth of the book comprehensively see the advantages of palm oil in Indonesia for every group of people, for instance, the smallholders, families, workers, pickers, and transporters, mills, stakeholders, exporters, and country (tax and exchange),” Petrus said.

He also mentioned, every stakeholder is summarized to be NEGERI, that points one concept of negeri gemah ripah loh jinawi because of PALM OIL. “The proof is that during Covid-19 pandemic, the biggest exchange derived from the commodity which many called ‘green gold’. It is very good – if with the launching of the book – IPB University also establish Pusat Studi Sawit – IPB University,” Petrus mentioned. (T2)