For the Better Smallholders in Nagan Raya, Elect Regent in Duty Pro People

For the Better Smallholders in Nagan Raya, Elect Regent in Duty Pro People

InfoSAWIT, SUKA MAKMUE – Regional Chairman of Yayasan Solidaritas Generasi Aceh Perubahan (SIGAP) District of Nagan Raya, Mukhtar hoped, Minister of Internal Affairs, Tito Karmavian to immediately elect caring and loving regent in duty of Nagan Raya for the smallholders. He thought, what the smallholders faced for all these years is beyond expectation.

“The smallholders and farmers always complained because of the lower buying capability. The fish farmers are lack of capital and difficult to sell their production, the vegetable farmers do not develop and the needs of vegetable in the district should be supplied from Takengon, and many issues that the farmers and smallholders face,” Mukhtar said to InfoSAWIT, Thursday, (8/1/2022).

On the other hand, he admitted, it does not mean that the district does not care about the farmers and smallholders. “Sometimes the programs for the smallholders and farmers do not focus, do not have available fund. The programs ran only from the ministry(ies) only,” he said.

His side hoped, the appointment of regent in duty of Nagan Raya should be a figure who understands about agriculture and has partisanship with the smallholders and farmers. “Nagan Raya is full of agricultural potential. Once more we hope to Minister of Internal Affairs to assign a regent in duty who loves us,” Mukhtar said. (T2)