Indigenous People Are Minimally Involved in Climate Change Countermeasure Plan

Indigenous People Are Minimally Involved in Climate Change Countermeasure Plan

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – According to Climate Transparency Report 2021, none of G20 managed enough ambition to prevent the increasing temperature on earth which has been more than 1,5 Celsius degree. With no powerful commitment from many powerful economic countries in the world, many other countries and people where they have less parts in the climate change would burden more impacts. The latest Inter-government Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report showed that the people in this world have less than three years to change green-house gas (GHG) emission system in the world and it is the notice that the extreme weather, natural disasters would more often and intensively to happen. This would impact the vulnerable groups in the global south. The crisis caused death, drought, hunger, species extinction in the local level, migration, and the loss could reach billions of United States dollar.

The local, indigenous, and local people are not involved too much in discussion and plan to climate change countermeasure or other environmental issues. For all these years, the development and climate initiatives just put them (vulnerable groups) as the victims, not the agents of change that can lead and become part of the decision making - process. In fact, many planned - environmental projects without involving the local people caused mal-adaptation which worsen many issues, instead of delivering solution.

“G20 should have the solutions, such as, having more ambitious commitment to stop the natural ecosystem damage, both in land, coast, and sea, and accelerate the broken ecosystem recovery to prevent the increasing temperature on earth more than 1,5 Celsius degree; should maintain the natural ecosystem namely the remaining natural forests where they are delivering effective costs to mitigate climate crisis from The Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) sector; should implement energy transition and recover the economy by involving and respecting the people’s rights and should be in the same path to protect and recover the ecosystem,” Anggalia Putri, Sub-Working Group Coordinator of AFOLU and Rights of Energy, Climate Justice, and Energy Transition Working Group (ECE WG) C20 Indonesia who was invited in the third meeting of Environment Deputies Meeting and Climate Sustainability Working Group (EDM-CWSG), Monday (29/8), who was also as observer.

Anggalia Putri also urged every leader in the world both the member and non-member of G20 to make sure the protection for environment campaigners by having regulation and should stop every form of violation, threat, intimidation, and crime. (T2)