ECE WG Urged the Leaders of G20 to Declare their Countermeasure Climate Change Commitment

ECE WG Urged the Leaders of G20 to Declare their Countermeasure Climate Change Commitment

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Energy, Climate Justice, and Energy Transition Working Group (ECE WG) C20 Indonesia urged the leaders of G20 to declare their commitment to overcome more ambitious climate change and adopt climate justice principles in every mitigation, adaptation, and climate fund aspect when in G20 Summit that would be taking place in November 2022.

ECE WG C20 Indonesia is sorry for the disability of environment or climate ministers in G20 not to agree the same communication, apart from the discussion about the ongoing-climate crisis. G20 forum itself has many members from developing and developed countries which in total covered 80% gross domestic product in the world and 75% of the international trade. But the economic activity is in charge of 75% of green house gas (GHG) emission in the globe.  

As in the recent official data to InfoSAWIT, ECE WG support every agenda mentioned in the chair’s summary, including the impact of area degradation and drought; restoration of ecosystem areas and forests sustainably to minimize the impact of climate change and the loss of natural conservation; the ways to minimize pollution and environmental damages; waste management; sustainable management of source of water; the wastes of sea; sea conservation; circular economy – as parts of the agreement by the ministers.

But until now there is no discussion or a word about the time frame, leadership, and fund mobilization to realize every point mentioned in the summary. One that concerns is that 71% in public climate fund would be handed over in the form of loan. This could be worse for the developing countries’ debts for having so much debts on the climate crisis, the could still burden the debts in north global climate. The get the meaningful output, we urged the leaders of G20 to advance the measured plans to deal with climate change, namely for the groups that are in risky the most, by increasing their capacity to get mitigation and climate adaptation, confess and formalize the roles of children and young generations, namely female teenagers; the female, indigenous people, parents, and disable people in every climate work, including in making decisions.

Besides, the lack of discussion between Environment Deputies Meeting and Climate Sustainability Working Group (EDM-CWSG) and Energy Transition Working Group (ETWG) and also Finance Track G20 Indonesia is a highlight. The countermeasure of climate and environment issue cannot be separated from economic and energy policy output. Energy is one biggest sector to GHG emission of other sectors. That is why ECE WG urged the leaders of G20 to harmonize fair energy transition by getting anything to fulfill 1,5 Celsius degree target as it was concluded in Paris Agreement and commit to get sustainable natural resource governance to realize the balance between the environment protection and sustainable energy infrastructure development acceleration knowing that the infrastructures need mineral and natural resource in big numbers. We also urged the G20 to stop every investment in fossil fuel industry which gets increasing because of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. (T2)