Report about Palm Oil Shells on the road, Mayor of Dumai Did Inspection

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Report about Palm Oil Shells on the road, Mayor of Dumai Did Inspection

InfoSAWIT, DUMAI – In the recent days, Mayor of Dumai H. Paisal did inspection because many people reported that palm oil shells are on the road on Jalan Soekarno - Hatta and Jalan Putri Tujuh.

Accompanied by Army Chief of 0320/Dumai Lieutenant Colonel Arh Hermansyah Tarigan; Head in duty of Transportation Agency, Said Effendi; Head of Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja Dumai, Yuda Pratama Putra; and Head of Environment Agency Dumai, Dameria; the inspection they did in three companies that gather palm oil shell where they are on Jalan Soekarno-Hatta, Dumai by the late of August 2022.

The companies were PT. Jatim Propertindo Jaya, PT. New Energy Development Dumai, and PT. Komodo. In the inspection, Paisal directly met palm oil shell manager and reminded them not to miss the shell on the road.

Paisal thought, it is dangerous the safety on the road, namely those who ride motors besides making the bad view in the city.

“I just need that every palm oil shell company should put layer(s) of pad on their truck and cover up any hole so that the shell would not fall on the road,” he said, as quoted from Riaugreen.

He also checked one palm oil shell truck of one company, urged the driver to open up the tarpaulin of the truck and saw that it was overloaded.

He asked Transportation Agency Dumai to firmly act the company which is overloaded. “Please, claim the company for the truck is overloaded and by September 2022, we do not want to see shell on the road again,” he said. (T2)