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ASD Bakrie and Maktour Cooperate to Breed Palm Oil Seeds in Central Kalimantan

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ASD Bakrie and Maktour Cooperate to Breed Palm Oil Seeds in Central Kalimantan

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In the recent days a company which is famously known in moslem religious activity (umrah and haji), and tour and travel, Maktour started developing its business in palm oil plantation sector.

Through PT Menthobi Agro Raya (MAR), Maktour started expanding palm oil plantation within its main company, PT Menthobi Karyatama Raya (MKR). PT MAR would deal with palm oil seed breedings.

To get and produce superior palm oil seeds, PT MAR cooperates with palm oil seed producer in national scale, PT ASD Bakrie Oil Palm Seed Indonesia.

From the official statement to InfoSAWIT, in the early August 2022, the cooperation between PT MAR and PT ASD Bakrie was running in the hall of Maktour, East Jakarta.

Director of PT ASD Bakrie, Reza Indriadi said, the cooperation is about to produce superior palm oil seed - ASD Costa Rica through its official breeder in Central Kalimantan. Reza thought, the variety would be very good for the plantations of PT. MAR that represent any region in Kalimantan in general.

“We believe with the good production in PT. MAR the planters in Central Kalimantan would get the advantages and profits,” Reza said.

He continued, this is the same with the principle of the company “Bakrie Untuk Negeri”, and the wise words delivered by Achmad Bakrie, the founder or Bakrie Group that said, “setiap Rupiah yang dihasilkan from kelompok usaha Bakrie harus bermanfaat bagi orang banyak”.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of PT MAR, Harry M. Nadir said, the company got testcross of Costarica that lays about 1.000 hectares (ha) and planted sinced 2010. The company planted the variety which ASD-Bakrie released and produced in the plantations of PT. MAR in Lamandau, Central Kalimantan Province.

Director of PT MAR, Taufiq Tarigan is optimist with the cooperation namely the Costa Rica ASD-Bakrie seeds are well-known by the local people in Lamandau, as the seeds produced by PT Menthobi.

“This is the best seeds ever planted in the areas of PT. MAR of all seed producers. The seeds highly produced and Plantation Agency Central Kalimantan Province admitted it in Central Kalimantan Province,” Tarigan said. (T5)

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