Palm Oil Moratorium is the Form of Audit Too

Doc. InfoSAWIT
Palm Oil Moratorium is the Form of Audit Too

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Actually, the government did audit in palm oil sectors not for the first time there has been Palm Oil Moratorium that should be available for 3 (three) years within the same goals, such as, to postpone palm oil plantation permit licenses, evaluation, and law enforcement.

It is also aimed to get better data in palm oil sectors, such as, the width of Business Rights, the permits, and realization of people’s plantation development at 20% minimal, data about area legal coordinators (management) that the people cultivate in palm oil regions.

“Palm Oil Moratorium also targets to escalate plantation productivity and develop planters’ institutions,” General Secretary of Serikat Petani Kelapa Sawit (SPKS), Mansuetus Darto said to InfoSAWIT.

But there is no real field action from every issue, including the firm law enforcement. Palm oil plantation issues are not the priority before palm cooking oil, CPO export ban issues took place some time ago.

He also mentioned, the permit, Business Rights, and realization of 20% people’s plantation development evaluation are not realized until now though the moratorium ran for three years.

SPKS noted, it was not running maximally and should be revoked again. It happened too to develop the people’s plantation, area mapping, and legal business and areas (Title Letter and Cultivation Documents) and escalating the plantation productivity.

“Palm Oil Moratorium was the mandate from the President to every related ministry/institution in the central government to province, district/city,” he said. (T2)

Source: InfoSAWIT, June 2022