Member of PKS: The Future Challenges to Expand CPO Export

Member of PKS: The Future Challenges to Expand CPO Export

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA — The member of Commission IV Indonesian Legislators, Andi Akmal Pasluddin thought, palm oil production from Indonesia was sold or export while biodiesel in mix with diesel up to 30% or known as B30 was for fuel sector. The future challenges are that how Indonesia could expand crude palm oil (CPO) export, face the negative issues, the competitors of other vegetable oil producers. “And how to escalate the substance in CPO to fuel or biodiesel to be B35 or even B40 so that the smallholders and stakeholders’ fresh fruit bunch (FFB) production is guaranteed to be absorbed in Indonesia,” he said, as InfoSAWIT, quoted from the official page of Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS), Saturday (27/8/2022).

He hoped, every party together with the government should be serious to take care of palm oil knowing that it is the ‘primadona’ and helps the economy nationally.

“The government should protect every party, not only the smallholders but also the industries to deliver the same impact and everyone get the fair parts in Indonesia,” he said.

He also emphasized, it is important to socialize it massively because CPO and its derivative products would not be a course for the stakeholders and the people but also everyone can get the real impact. Many CPO derivative products are useful and directly functional for the people’s needs.

“It needs to intensively socialize it to the people, the stakeholders, the associations, and even the business world to get the better synergy and if any problem takes place, every party would do the best to get the best solution as well,” Akmal said.

The former South Sulawesi Legislators said, Indonesia has been the biggest CPO producer since 2006 with palm oil plantations laying on about 16 million hectares and production about 44 million tons or even 48 million tons. The man who was born in Bone also told, palm oil potential would be more and developing by the supports of the government and other parties.  (T2)