Fail to Harvest because of Crocodile

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Fail to Harvest because of Crocodile

InfoSAWIT, MUKOMUKO – The smallholders in the Village of Sinar Laut, Sub district of Pondok Suguh, District of Mukomuko, Bengkulu Province are not brave to harvest their fresh fruit bunch (FFB) because of the terror of crocodile in the past one month.

Head of Village of Sinar Laut, Hosiman said, the smallholders in the village should postpone their will to harvest their plantations because they are worried about the attack of Sungai Air Hitam crocodile which always appears in their plantation.

‘’Sungai Air Hitam overflowed to palm oil plantations of the people. This happened for the estuary door is covered by sand. As the impact, the crocodiles that live in the estuary get into the villagers’ plantations. Many of them are not brave enough to harvest theirs,” Hosiman said, as quoted from harianradarmukomuko, Sunday (21/8/2022).

But not every smallholder does that, some others are regularly harvest theirs and do not let their FFB get rottern. They used boats in the flood. “For those who are brave enough, they still harvest their plantations but have to use boat,” he said.

The shutdown of the estuary impacts not only to the villagers of Sinar Laut but also for the neighborhood villagers of Padang Gading Sungai Rumbai. This impacts to their economy.

Hosiman continued, this situation was told to Balai Wilayah Sungai Sumatera (BWS) VII Bengkulu to immediately get the solution.

‘’We told this many times to get the solution but they never respond. The shutdown of the estuary always happens in every year,” he said.

He also said, to get the better economic flow, the problems should get immediate solution. “BWS should get development program so that the same issue would be harmful for the villages,” Hosiman said.  (T2)