IPOA South Kalimantan Supported to Implement Palm Oil – Cow Integrated Program to Realize Cow Meat – Self Sufficiency

IPOA South Kalimantan Supported to Implement Palm Oil – Cow Integrated Program to Realize Cow Meat – Self Sufficiency

InfoSAWIT, BANJARMASIN – To support cow meat – self - sufficiency in 2024 in South Kalimantan Province, every palm oil company joining in Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) in the Province supports the program.

Chairman of IPOA South Kalimantan, Eddy S Binti, his side has 49 palm oil plantation companies as the members and they are suggested to support the program by conducting palm oil – cow integrated program in Sistem Integrasi Kelapa Sawit Sapi Berbasis Kemitraan Usaha Ternak Inti Plasma (Siska Ku Intip).

He thought, the members of IPOA both the big and government’s companies mostly run the provincial program managed by Plantation and Livestock Agency South Kalimantan Province.

“Since the past six months, we signed memorandum of understanding with South Kalimantan Province and 7 of our members run Siska Ku Intip," he said, as quoted from Antara, Monday (22/8/2022).

The companies are Jhonlin Group, Hasnur Group, Astra Group, Gawi Group, PT Candi Artha, Sinar Alam Plantations Group, and Buana Karya Bakti and it was witnessed by the Governor of South Kalimantan, H Sahbirin Noor.

Eddy S Binti also mentioned, palm oil plantations in the province laid about 5,6 million hectares. Every company at least, provides about 2 percent of their areas to be cultivated by the people to breed cows. “We prioritized the plasma or the people’s plantations,” he said.

He also confirmed, breeding cows in the plantations is free of charge. The smallholders do not pay anything for the companies.

Meanwhile, H Sahbirin Noor told, cow needs in the province could be 50 thousand cows per year. The local cows reached only about 27 thousand cows and the rests were from other regions.

“Our province could be the food support for the new Ibu Kota Negara (IKN) in the neighborhood province, East Kalimantan. We have to be ready to fulfill the food security,” Paman Birin, his familiar name, said.

Head of Livestock and Plantation Agency South Kalimantan, Suparmi mentioned, the realization of the cooperation between main companies and the smallholders would make the village clusters in Siska Ku Intip within the target per cluster, breeding 1.000 cows. “Until now it runs for about 100 cows per cluster,” Suparmi said. (T2)