The Independent Smallholders in Kubu Raya Should Get Cultivation Documents for 1.000 Plots

foto: Dea Kinanti_Sawitfest 2021/ ilustrasi kebun sawit
The Independent Smallholders in Kubu Raya Should Get Cultivation Documents for 1.000 Plots

InfoSAWIT, KUBU RAYA – The Government of Indonesia completed the palm oil plantation canopy in national scale by publishing Decision of Minister of Agriculture Number 833 / 2019. In the decision, palm oil plantation in the Province of West Kalimantan laid about 1,8 million hectares or 11 percent of the total palm oil plantations in Indonesia that laid about 16,38 million hectares. 

Based on Sustainable Innovative Research (SIAR) analysis in 2022 in District of Kubu Raya the plantations laid about 198.714 hectares. 

Of the numbers, the further analysis showed the indicative potential of smallholders’ palm oil plantations that laid about 14.744 hectares could be having no license, but in forest regions, and industrial system.

This showed District of Kubu Raya could be having significant independent smallholders’ potential in palm oil supply chain in the district level up to national level. But having no data by name and by address, this would be difficult to monitor the expansion, development, cultivation of their plantations.

According to the Decision of General Director of Plantation Number 105/Kpts/PI.400/2/2018 about the Guidelines to Publish Cultivation Document, every district/city has its authority and obligation to publish Cultivation Documents – for Plantation and the district agency that deals with plantation is in charge.

By having the support of West Kalimantan Province and YIDH through GCF Window-B, SIAR project together with plantation and livestock agency through the taskforce of Percepatan Pertumbuhan Hijau (PPH) in District of Kubu Raya, it needs support the development and get optimization about the smallholders’ palm oil plantation database completely with spatial data (by name by address) and should connect with geoportal in District of Kubu Raya to get the integrated data base in the district and could be the foundation to publish Cultivation Documents for Plantation, and publish the policy (ies) to improve smallholders’ sustainable palm oil plantations.

Executive Director of SIAR, Erlangga Rizky Ananta told the detail location of pilor project implementation in the program where it is in Village of Mega Timur, Sub district of Ambawang, Village of Sungai Enau, and Village of Kuala Mandor B, in Sub district of Kuala Mandor B, District of Kubu Raya. 

The activity was about to map the areas by using drone(s) that laid about 12.512 hectares and to get data about more than 1.000 plots (petak kebun) of the independent smallholders to propose and get Cultivation Documents for Plantation.

"District of Kubu Raya has the big potential of independent smallholders. They are parts of palm oil production nationally which develops significantly and the government or other stakeholders should notice,” Erlangga said after handling over symbolically the Cultivation Documents to some smallholders’ representatives in District of Kubu Raya, as in the press release that InfoSAWIT got, Thursday (18/8/2022).

He also explained, the registration of independent smallholders’ palm oil plantation through Cultivation Document – for Plantation would deliver description for the government about ownership, such as, the status of area and the plantation cultivation by the independent smallholders which means, they independently cultivate their plantations within less than 25 hectares and do not affiliate with plasma or partnership with the government’s plantations.

“The publication of Cultivation Document – for Plantation for 1.000 smallholders in Village of Sungai Enau, Kuala Mandor B, and Mega Timur covers 891,19 hectares and there are about 135.737 palm oil trees or about 152 trees/hectare in average," Erlangga said. 

The Cultivation Document – for Plantation could be the highest numbers published by regional governments in Indonesia in 2022.

If it is estimated, he continued, in every hectare, 130 palm oil trees were planted in 14.744 hectares. The indicative potential of independent smallholders in District of Kubu Raya which their status is clean and clear (CnC), as it is predicted, could be having 1.916.720 palm oil trees and the numbers are ready to be registered to get Cultivation Document – for Plantation.

Head of Livestock, Plantation, and Food Security Agency District of Kubu Raya, Elfizar Edrus said, within the spirit of kepung bakol particularly in the agency through GCF Window-B project, it would be collaborating with SIAR and Percepatan Pertumbuhan Hijau (PPH) Taskforce in District of Kubu Raya. 

This is important to encourage the development and database optimization of independent smallholders completely with spatial data (by name, by address) and connects with geoportal in District of Kubu Raya. 

"This would get integrate data with database in the district and could be the foundation to publish Cultivation Document – for Plantation and what the policy to be published to improve independent smallholders’ sustainable palm oil plantation governance,” Elfizar said. (T2)