Wilmar and the Local People Develop and Cultivate Odot

Wilmar and the Local People Develop and Cultivate Odot

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Palm oil plantation company, PT Perkebunan Milano Batang Sapanggol, Wilmar Group in North Sumatera and the local people did corporate social responsibility (CSR) by developing and cultivate odot grass (one kind of rumput gajah/pennisentum purpureum) to be the woof.

Manager PT Perkebunan Milano Batang Sapanggol, Hasmar Harahap said, the cooperation is about to help the woof for cows and goats of the people around the company operates. For all these years, the people have to cut off grass at least, twice a day for their animals’ woof. By having the cooperation to grow the odot, it is hoped to relieve their burden that breeds animals. “We hope to get good cooperation and relation with the local people and could escalate their welfare by the cooperation,” Harahap said after having the first harvest of odot, through the press release to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (16/8/2022). 

It is still developed in only 1,3 of the total 3 hectare – odot development and in the company’s areas. Harahap continued, the company provided seeds and empty bunches as the organic fertilizer while both sides develop and the grow it together. The odot would be harvested based on the needs to maintain the supply but in the future, the company would have overlay system for each dusun that cooperates together to ease the cultivation.

He also thought the odot cultivation is as the win-win solution for every issue they faced because it always happened that the people’s animals got inside the plantation to get food. By the cooperation and cultivation, it is hoped, their animals would not get inside the plantations and the people get the helps.

Besides cultivating odot, the company did some CSR programs, such as, constructing and improving the infrastructures, providing health facilities, constructing religious places, and delivering calves.

In the same shot, the head of Village of Pangarungan, District of Labuhanbatu, North Sumatera appreciated the company for its program. It is the same effort to maintain the environment. “The villagers are very enthusiastic and we hope this would be the solution to provide woof (for our animals),” he said.

In the future there would be more cooperation between the companies and the people around the company, as he hoped. (T2)