Protest for Dumped from Cooperation Membership, Hundreds of People Blockaded Plasma Smallholders’ Plantations

Protest for Dumped from Cooperation Membership, Hundreds of People Blockaded Plasma Smallholders’ Plantations

InfoSAWIT, KOTAWARINGIN TIMUR – For some members of cooperation are dumped out from their membership, they did protest. Hundreds of villagers of Jatiwaringin, Sub district of Tualan Hulu, District of Kotawaringin Timur (Kotim), blockaded the way to plasma smallholders’ plantations of Koperasi Produksi Hidup Lestari (PHL), and forced to stop the labors who were still harvesting.

Coordinator of villagers of Jatiwaringin, Safrudin said, what they did was a protest to the coordinators of the cooperation because without any reason, the coordinators of cooperation dumped the members of cooperation.

He thought, those who are dumped were the first men that established the cooperation which runs plasma palm oil plantation. But after the new coordinators were selected two years ago, 161 members, all of the sudden, should be dumped out.

“Ever since the Chairman of PHL is Arnolus Nomnafa, the people who own 696 hectares of palm oil plantations should not work anymore without clear explanation. He avoided other members who questioned about the case. We have been two years facing this thing,” Safrudin said, Friday (12/8/2022), as quoted from TVone.

Other villagers did many for the victims of being unemployed by the coordinators of cooperation to serve the justice, such as, taking the issue in the village to governor level, but there is no result still.

The villagers now take the case into the court by claiming the case in Sampit Court and it is in cassation at the Supreme Court. “The sentence in Sampit Court and Palangkaraya Court is draw. The final is waiting for the cassation. During the period, plasma smallholders’ plantations are in status quo. That is why we shut down every operational there,” he said.

From what they calculated, for about two years they have not been working there, at least, they lost about Rp 19 billion. When they were still the members, every month they could get about Rp 6 million per people.

Chairman of Koperasi PHL, Arnolus Nomnafa was reluctant to explain about the case. “Please ask Cooperation Agency about the case. There are clear regulations about membership. Our cooperation has articles of association and of course we have reasons to dump them out,” he said in his office, Friday (12/8/2022). (T2)