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Independent Smallholders’ FFB in Aceh Starts Getting Better

Doc. InfoSAWIT
Independent Smallholders’ FFB in Aceh Starts Getting Better

InfoSAWIT, BANDA ACEH – Fresh fruit bunch (FFB) in some palm oil plantation centers starts getting better though it is not as much as expensive or the same with what local agency decided for the independent smallholders.

From what InfoSAWIT got from some independent smallholders, FFB is almost Rp Rp 2.000 per kg both if sold to the mills or in some middlemen or in delivery order.

In District of East Aceh, for instance, since 11 August the average purchase price has been about Rp 1.730/kg to Rp 1.850/kg in average, in District of Aceh Tamiang it has been about Rp 1.990/kg.

In District of Aceh Singkil it has been about Rp 1.740/kg to Rp 1.820/kg since 13 August 2022, in District of Nagan Raya it is about Rp 1.370/kg to Rp 1.420/kg.

In North Aceh the independent smallholders’ FFB has been about Rp 1.750/kg to Rp 1.925/kg, and in the City of Subulussalam it has been about Rp 1.500/kg to Rp 1.550/kg.

But in some regions the smallholders get the better price twice or three times a week but few get better price once a week, as the independent smallholders in District of Nagan Raya, complained about. (T5)

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