‘Minyakita’ Distribution is in Cooperation with ID FOOD and Program Gerai Maritim

‘Minyakita’ Distribution is in Cooperation with ID FOOD and Program Gerai Maritim

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – On Thursday (11/8/2022) Ministry of Trade officially distribute simple packaged palm cooking oil with the brand ‘Minyakita’ to eastern Indonesia. The first step, it reached 1.200 tons.

The distribution and acceleration of Minyakita is in cooperation among Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Transportation, and ID FOOD as the Enterprises of food supplier (Minyakita), and the supports from PT Bina Karya Prima (BKP) as palm cooking oil producer.

"I thank PT BKP for supporting and respond what the government published to produce and distribute ‘Minyakita’ in simple package and in good quality,” Minister of Trade, Zulkifli Hasan said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

He also said, the distribution runs through Program Gerai Maritim which is in synergy with Program Penyelenggaraan Kewajiban Pelayanan Publik untuk Angkutan Barang di Laut (Tol Laut) to the remote, outermost, and left regions.

Gerai Maritim is one way from Ministry of Trade to minimize price disparity inter-region, particularly for the daily and important goods and needs, and the good flow according to the Regulation Number 7 / 2014 about Trade and President’s Regulation Number 71 / 2015 about Establishment and Storage of Basic Needs and Important Goods.

The program has been running since June 2015 and in 2016, it has been running together with Program Tol Laut from Ministry of Transportation which was launched in November 2015.

“We do hope, every party could cooperate to maximize the distribution of ‘Minyakita’ and everyone could access it within the highest retail price, realize the main goal which is to provide and decrease daily needs price in every region in Indonesia,” he said.

In the distribution to eastern Indonesia, he also assigned General Director in duty of Domestic Trade, Syailendra and Special Staff of Ministry of Trade in Export Enhancement and Overseas Market Expansion, Oke Nurwan to coordinate with regional governments, food taskforce, the distributions, and other parties involved in to get it well. (T2)