The Wives of Smallholders Should Develop Local Products

The Wives of Smallholders Should Develop Local Products

InfoSAWIT, INHU – Led and developed by Widya Erti Indonesia, the female in 10 Kelompok Wanita Tani (KWT) in District of Indragiri Hulu (Inhu) should play their roles to escalate the housing income by developing local products out of the box. KWT mostly consists of the wives of smallholders.

Head of Food Security Agency District of Inhu, Isnidar said the development from Widya Erti Indonesia could realize the better life in KWT both in the increasing nutrients and income, just like we hope for.

“I do welcome the development delivered by Widya Erti Indonesia to empower the economic program in 10 KWT which are around Sub district of Batang Gansal and Seberida as the way to increase their economy and make productive economic products,” she recently said, as in the official to InfoSAWIT.

The agenda started by delivering explanation from Widya Erti Indonesia. The background is the worry of independent smallholders for they are vulnerable to get source of income. The program would supports the wives of the smallholders to create alternative income which could support the main source of income in their houses. (T2)