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Bad, About to First Harvest, Elephants Ate Palm Oil Trees

Bad, About to First Harvest, Elephants Ate Palm Oil Trees

InfoSAWIT, IDI RAYEUK – It is just two years when smallholders’ palm oil plantations in Village of Alue Genting, Sub district of Ranto Peureulak, District of East Aceh and which the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) starts coming from palm oil trees belonging to those who just implement replanting program, they had to conduct the first harvest. In addition, FFB starts getting more expensive though it is not much. Many smallholders hoped to get income from the plantations.

Unfortunately, their dream should be gone with the wind. One smallholder in the village mentioned, their plantations should be no more because the elephants ate it at night.

“We have nothing left. Everything ends because tens of elephants ate ours and we predict, it happened at night,” Mulidar said to InfoSAWIT, Thursday (4/8/2022).

From what he knew, at least, there are five hectares of the smallholders joining replanting program where the elephants ate the trees, including his one hectare - plantation.

“The elephants ate about four hectares next to the housing and my one hectare - plantation where it is about 10 kilometers from my home, was damaged too,” Muslidar who is also the Chairman of Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Indonesia (Apkasindo) Ranto Perulak, District of East Aceh, said.

From what he got from his fellows, he mentioned, 42 elephants keep passing by in their village every night. He is confused to the elephants because their palm oil plantations are in the forests. “We have no forest in our village, at least, only narrow forests but they are far from our circumstances,” Muslidar said.

He also knew that many other independent smallholders’ plantations who join replanting program are damaged too. He and his friends hoped to get the solution from the regional government on the damage in their plantations. (T5)

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