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Well, CPO Tender at KPBN on 3 August 2022 Got More Expensive to be Rp 10.165/kg

Well, CPO Tender at KPBN on 3 August 2022 Got More Expensive to be Rp 10.165/kg

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Crude palm oil (CPO) tender at PT. Kharisma Pemasaran Bersama Nusantara (KPBN) on Wednesday (3/8/2022) got more expensive to be Rp 10.165/kg. it means, it increased about Rp 242/kg compared to Tuesday (2/7/2022) tender which was Rp 9.923/kg.

From what InfoSAWIT got from KPBN, in Belawan and Dumai it was Rp 10.165/kg, in Teluk Bayur it was Rp 10.045/Kg. in Talang Duku it was Rp 10.045/kg, in Palembang it was Rp 10.065/kg but in withdraw (WD) status with the highest bid Rp 9.965/kg. In Palopo it was Rp 9.965/kg but in WD status with the highest bid Rp 9.715/kg.

Though the Government of Indonesia still implements domestic market obligation (DMO) and domestic price obligation (DPO) to support palm cooking oil supply in this country, but to support CPO export acceleration, Ministry of Trade decided the export quota multiplier.

Based on the regulation that InfoSAWIT got, Tuesday (2/8/2022), the Decision of General Director of Foreign Trade Number 14/DAGLU/KEP/07 /2022 about Decision of Volume Multiplier to Publish Export Approval on Crude Palm Oil,  Refined,  Bleached And Deodorized Palm  Oil, Refined,  Bleached And Deodorized Palm Olein, and Used Cooking  Oil, decided, it becomes nine times which was seven times.

Here are CPO tender at KPBN (Rp/Kg), exclude income tax on Wednesday (3/8/2022):


Belawan & Dumai it was Rp 10.165-EOP, EUP

T. Bayur it was Rp 10.045-EUP

T. Duku it was Rp 10.045-EUP

Palembang it was Rp 10.065 (WD) with the highest bid Rp 9.965-EUP

Palopo it was Rp 9.965 (WD) with the big Rp 9.715-EUP