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FFB in STM Hulu Is Rp 1.300/kg, Difficult to Purchase Fertilizers

FFB in STM Hulu Is Rp 1.300/kg, Difficult to Purchase Fertilizers

InfoSAWIT, DELI SERDANG – Though smallholders’ fresh fruit bunch (FFB) in some regions gets a little bit more expensive, such as, in Sub district of STM Hulu, District of Deli Serdang, North Sumatera Province, the independent smallholders there are still able to nurse their plantations.

A smallholder of STM Hulu, Joe Ginting said, in the middlemen in the sub district, FFB is about Rp 1.300 per kilogram. It is imaginable, it will be more expensive in the mills. “Unfortunately there are only two mills in STM Hulu ini,” he said to InfoSAWIT, Monday (25/7/2022).

The numbers make them able to nurse their plantations. They commonly spare their income (from selling FFB) about Rp 200 thousand to buy fertilizers or to nurse their plantations.

“The issue is not the price. We know, the fertilizers are expensive. They are not found (in many places). We could not see them if the fertilizers are expensive or cheap. It is just the same,” Ginting said.

From his personal experience, plantation fertilizers and nursery would not be more than 30 percent from the FFB selling. He told that he has a 7 hectare – plantation and could produce 8 tons of FFB per month. (T5)

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