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Discipline – One Significant Factor to be Successful Planters

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Discipline – One Significant Factor to be Successful Planters

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The fifth work ethos would be about discipline. In general, discipline is one determining factor of planter’s successful work. It is the successful key to realize the targets which had been made.

Discipline could be meant as a planter’s big responsibility to his work because it determines to productivity and encourage the goals of a company. Jim Rohn (a motivator) told, discipline is significant by his words, “every discipline in business would have double outcome”.

Discipline makes everything relating to a work or job right on time to do. This would raise comfort and fun situation when everyone finished their work right on time and target. This would add work spirit to do the work. A planter would do his work with full of consciousness and develop his mind and power as maximal as he could to realize the goals of a company where he works at.

A planter would be doing his work discipline principles if he do some things, such as, attend before starting to work (right on time); work based on the procedures or regulations of a company; obey the suggestions or orders told by his superior; room or tools are always clean and tidy; use the tools effectively and efficiently; optimizing the rest time right on time; leave the work after work hour; never been lazy when working; not postpone the work.

Discipline is a way for planter to train his personality to show up the good work, good behavior, and good lives. Discipline as a habitual thing for a planter would make his quality of life better. Discipline when working is one key for a planter to be successful.

In discipline, the superior should deliver samples and models because the juniors tend to imitate what superior does or did.

By: Maruli Pardamean/Author of 8 Palm Oil Books

Source: InfoSAWIT, June 2022