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4 Reasons to Implement Palm Oil – Cow Integrated Program

Doc. InfoSAWIT
4 Reasons to Implement Palm Oil – Cow Integrated Program

InfoSAWIT, BOGOR – In the analysis of General Directorate of Livestock and Animal Heath (GDLAH), Ministry of Agriculture, there are four reasons which palm oil plantations could be the locations to breed cows. The first, the plantations are massively available to be breeding cows. In addition, palm oil plantations laid about 16,38 million hectares. These are potential to do the program.

The second, woof biomass in all years, as General Director in duty of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, Ali Jamil said, is always available from the plantations, such as, the midrib, the leaves, the grass below the trees, cake, and the solid.

The third, human resources are available, such as, the smallholders to breed/fatten cows; the fourth, the program could reduce fertilizers and herbicides costs in the plantations up to 30%.

“Could increase fresh fruit bunch (FFB production from organic fertilizer which is the cow feces. It means, there would be environmental palm oil plantations,” Jamil said in the first congress of Perkumpulan Multistakeholder Integrasi Sawit-Sapi in Bogor, March 2022 that InfoSAWIT did attend.

He also told, from the analysis, the smallholders’ palm oil plantations laid about 6,08 million hectares. 4,8 million hectares are productive ones. That is why it is potential to maximize the program, could be reaching 3 cows per hectare for knowing the woof potential from their plantations. (T2)

Source: InfoSAWIT, May 2022