FFB in Lampung on 1 - 15 July 2022 was Mostly Getting Cheaper

Doc. InfoSAWIT
FFB in Lampung on 1 - 15 July 2022 was Mostly Getting Cheaper

InfoSAWIT, BANDARLAMPUNG – It is not different from other palm oil producer regions, smallholders’ fresh fruit bunch in Lampung Province gets cheaper. 17 mills in the province get pressure. According to what InfoSAWIT got, FFB on 1 to 15 July 2022 was mostly getting cheaper in the province.

Head of Product Market and Process, Plantation Agency Lampung Province, Bunawar Rony said, in the province there are six districts where palm oil plantations grow, they are, Lampung Tengah, Lampung Utara, Way Kanan, Mesuji, Tulangbawang, and Tulangbawang Barat.

He continued, FFB purchasing price in four mills in the period was Rp 1.300/kg. it got cheaper since 6 July, from Rp 1.200 to be Rp 915/kg. On 13-14 July it got better to be Rp 1.065/kg.

The other mills, for instance, PT Menggala Sawitindo in District of Tulangbawang, on 1 - 5 July, it was Rp 1.000/kg, on 6 - 11 July it was Rp 750/kg. since the date, there was no significant increasing price based on the data in his agency.

What was interesting was that FFB purchasing price at PT Jaya Agro Mandiri in District of Lampung Utara since 1 July was only Rp 1.100/kg. but after that, there was no lists of it.

But in general, smallholders’ FFB in many mills got much cheaper. No FFB price is more than Rp 1.300/kg. (T5)

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