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SMM Planted Belitung Local Plantations of di Areal Konservasi

SMM Planted Belitung Local Plantations of di Areal Konservasi

InfoSAWIT, BELITUNG – PT Sahabat Mewah dan Makmur (SMM), the subsidiary of palm oil plantation and agribusiness company, PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk (ANJ) planted the local plantation from Pulau Belitung - Langir (Albizia saponaria) together with many stakeholders.

Langir was planted in one conservation area of SMM, in Mata Air Nyato that laid about 13.91 hectares. The planting was attended by head of Environment Agency District of East Belitung, head of Sub district of Dendang, head of Village of Jangkang, and the villagers.

Mata Air Nyato area has high conservation values (HCV) reaching 4.1, which means, the area is significant to provide water and control the flood for the villagers who live in the downstream location. Mata Air Nyato has HCV 5, which means, the area has important functions to fulfill the basic needs for the local.

The planting was the first celebration to enrich the endemic plantation in Belitung, namely in East Belitung. N the future, there would be three villagers’ groups that would work to succeed the program, they are, Kelompok Nelayan Keretak Nibong, Kelompok Madu Laskar Misela, and LSM Selatan Puake.

General Manager PT SMM, Ridwan Damanik in his speech said, the planting is the "klekak" implementation, the term used to conserve forest areas and reforestation the areas which should be ‘green’, and other conservation areas. This is the same with the mission of East Belitung District.

“Langir is mostly found in forest regions used for makam Balok where it is our conservation. Langir has its unique, such as, wide canopy and could become source of food for animal in the area. This is the reason for us to plant Langir to enrich local plantation in Mata Air Nyato, Joseph Jaya Estate,” Ridwan said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Monday (18/7/2022).

Head of Plantation Agency District of East Belitung, Novis Ezuar said, what SMM does to conserve the environment such as planting the local plantation around Mata Air Nyato conservation areas, needs support to conserve natural resource in Pulau Belitung.

Head of Sub district of Dendang, Shoufian, S.Ap told, besides planting the endemic plantation to support Mata Air Nyato areas, it is hoped, everyone could maintain it together for the needs of water. (T2)