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The Smallholders in West Kalimantan Claimed 6 Points to get Normal FFB Price

The Smallholders in West Kalimantan Claimed 6 Points to get Normal FFB Price

InfoSAWIT, PONTIANAK – Hundreds of people joining in Forum Perjuangan Masyarakat (FPMS) in West Kalimantan Province came by to the office of West Kalimantan Province at Jalan Ahmad Yani, Pontianak, Friday (15/07/2022) noon.

The mass was led by Agus Setiadi and claimed that the government should help the smallholders for getting cheap fresh fruit bunch (FFB) which is only Rp 500 – Rp 700 per kilogram.

In the peaceful action, the mass directly met the Governor, H. Sutarmidji; the Regional Secretary Harisson; Head of Livestock and Plantation Agency, Muhammad Munsif; and some related heads of agencies.

In the official information that InfoSAWIT got, there were six points that FPMS claimed. The first, they want to get more expensive FFB. The second, they want to get cheaper levy on crude palm oil (CPO). The third, they want to get cheaper fertilizers and pesticides; the fourth, they need to get FFB export facility to neighborhood countries; the fifth, they want that the ‘naughty’ palm oil plantations’ permits should be revoked; and the sixth, they need easy access to get subsidized diesel and vanish palm oil mafia.

Knowing the claims, Sutarmidji responded that his side is struggling for getting more expensive FFB based on the regulation. Palm oil plantation permits are regulated in the districts but not in the province.

Sutarmidji continued, heads of plantation agencies and mayors are encouraged to monitor what they are in charge of. “Please monitor everything. Meet every company that breaks the regulation. Do not let FFB get cheaper,” he said.

He also reminded many companies to respect FFB price which has been decided. “In the future, we are ready to be in synergy with the police and Ombudsman to monitor FFB price. Who breaks the decision would get the sanction,” Sutarmidji said. (T2)