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Malaysia’s CPO Exports to China Increased 13%

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Malaysia’s CPO Exports to China Increased 13%

InfoSAWIT, KUALA LUMPUR – Minister of External Affairs China, Wang Yi mentioned, as the second biggest crude palm oil (CPO) consumer in the world, China would escalate the vegetable oil purchase from Malaysia, as quoted from Bernama, Tuesday.

Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), Tuesday (12/7/2022) mentioned, CPO export volume from Malaysia to China in June 2022 increased more than 13% to be 96.496 tons, though compared to last year, it decreased 55% in the same period.

As quoted from Bloomberg, in a two – day visit, Wang said, the country would do what it takes to get the students from Malaysia to re-study in China as soon as very possible.

China is the biggest trade partner of Malaysia and contributed about 19% of the total trade for Malaysia in 2021. Malaysia itself is the second biggest palm oil producer in the world. (T2)