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Analog Cheese in Palm Oil – Base: Economic and Low Cholesterol

Analog Cheese in Palm Oil – Base: Economic and Low Cholesterol

InfoSAWIT, KUALA LUMPUR – In the past few years, to substitute censor, nutrients, and free-cholesterol cheese, vegetable oils were mostly used as the fat milk substitution to produce cheese.

The material choice is palm oil. It is used as milk fat substitution to produce analog cheese. The reason is that it has balanced fatty acid material. It has natural anti-oxidant, such as, tocopherol, tocotrienol which are useful for human health. Palm oil is mostly used as milk fat substitution in producing conventional cheese.

Besides, many research reported palm oil use and its product in producing cheese showed the end products which have had organoleptic which is equal to natural cheese but has better nutrients and low cholesterol.

“Palm oil is mostly used to produce cheese substitution, such as, mozzarella, cheese cream, and semi-rugged cheese which can be cut off),” Sabrina of Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC), said.

According to what Karimah etc. (2001) researched, palm oil use to formulate mozzarella analog delivered functional characteristic which is similar with mozzarella cheese in milk – base. (T2)