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FFB in Bengkulu in the Second Period - July 2022: The Most Expensive is Rp 1.158,56/Kg

InfoSAWIT, BENGKULU - According to Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) Team of Bengkulu Province to decided FFB price in the second period, July 2022, the 10 - 20 year old FFB is to be Rp 1.158,56/Kg.

Here are FFB price lists in Bengkulu Province based on what InfoSAWIT got from Plantation, Horticulture, and Food Plantation Agency Bengkulu Province: the 3 year old FFB is Rp 868,31/Kg; the 4 year old FFB is Rp 958,24/Kg; the 5 year old FFB is Rp 994,40/Kg; the 6 year old FFB is Rp 1.030,56/Kg; the 7 year old FFB is Rp 1.069,12/Kg; the 8 year old FFB is Rp 1.102,15/Kg. The 9 year old FFB is Rp 1.131,65/Kg; the 10-20 year old FFB is Rp 1.158,56/Kg.

Crude palm oil (CPO) is Rp 6.112,00 /Kg and kernel is Rp 3.275,00/Kg, within K index 74,23%. (T2)

Disclaimer: this is from what local agency decided; it could be different from the spot.

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