To Know the ‘Work’ as Planters

To Know the ‘Work’ as Planters

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - When working, the planters should keep in mind and apply four principles of work, they are, hard, smartly, completely, and sincerely. These four relate one to the other, complete each other. If the principles are united, there would be success. But if there is no sincerity, everything would be useless and if there is no completeness, there would be failure.

Hard: A planter should clearly work hard. The close target from the management and result oriented make a planter work hard to realize.

Smartly: Hard work is not enough. It also needs smartness. Smartly work is the work that relies on muscle but also brain, thought, creativity, and innovation to get the maximal result within efficient time because there would be enough time to do others.

Completely: Complete work can be described by as follows, “plan your work” and “work (do) your plan”, the work would be "well done”.

Sincerely: Sincerely work means worship, working with all of the hearth, can survive, and really work, there would be maximal and qualified result(s). Sincerely work can be reflected by as follows “do as what He will and you would get the result as what you will’.


The ’Work’ Needs to be Honest (Honesty)


Hard, Smartly, Completely, and Sincerely Work is not enough. Work with honesty for it is significant. One proclamatory of Indonesia’s Independence, Mohammad Hatta mentioned, “It can improve ‘less smart’ by learning; it can vanish ‘less competent’ by having experience, but it is difficult to improve ‘not honest’.

Honest, according to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI) means, straight hearted, not lie (for instance, telling what it is), not cheat, obey the available regulation.

Honest planters would get more respect, trust, be calmer, and comfort when working, have better images, love by the superior, blessed by the Almighty.

Honesty is the key word for planters. By being honest, planters would be away from the negative action, such as, corruption. Honest planters would be able to survive in their work and get career quietly. When planters ignore honesty, he has damaged the images he has built in his whole life. Many planters got bad career for being not honest. (*)

By: Maruli Pardamean/ Writer of 8 Palm Oil Books

Source: InfoSAWIT, May 2022