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Palm Oil – Cow Integrated Program Could be the Biggest Cow Breeding in the World

Palm Oil – Cow Integrated Program Could be the Biggest Cow Breeding in the World

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Chairman of Gabungan Penyelenggara Dan Pemerhati Sistem Integrasi Sawit-Sapi (Gapensiska), Joko Irianto said, the deficit of cow meat supply in national scale may happen for some reasons, such as, the increasing demands in every year that reached 6% while the stocks escalated about 2%.

“For the increasing cow meat demands but the supply does not increase, this is the reason why heading to religious days, there is chaos in the society,” he recently said to InfoSAWIT.

Beef cattle develops in a very long period. The advance countries that run cow meat self-sufficiency spent 30 to 35 years to realize it. While Indonesia by having about 275 million people, has cows for about 18 million only. By this condition, Joko continued, it is difficult to rush the cow meat procurement balance in this country. “We have to import cow and the meat or equal to 1,2 million feeder cows in every year,” he said.

In the future there should be the leap to develop feeder cow breeding nationally to get the increasing production. He thought, feeder cow breeding should have supporting areas to get efficient cattle.

In the advance countries, their government provided the areas to breed cows within interesting incentive if someone invested in it. For example, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, and other countries fully delivered the breeding process but the country is as the regulator.

Indonesia as the biggest CPO producer in the world, has massive palm oil plantation that laid about 16,38 million hectares. Joko thought, there are million tons of green biomass in the plantations.

“If we do palm oil – (feeder) cow integrated program, this would be the biggest integrated cow breeding in the world,” he said.

He continued the regulator should get scientific study to support integrated livestock (cow) – palm oil regulation. In addition, palm oil plantations mostly have the available infrastructures in general. This could be the massive big capital to support the program. (T2)

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